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Stay At Home, Age In Place Gracefully

Theme of 2020: Stay at Home

It’s January 1, 2020, there’s a chill in the air and crisp white snow on the ground. Everyone is moving slowly from celebrating the night before. Banks and government offices are closed in observance of the New Year which everyone welcomed with open arms and optimism. That was before COVID; similar to the way a couple walks down the aisle on their wedding day, not fully knowing how many challenges they will have to overcome together.

This year, with the Coronavirus Pandemic, more people than ever are wanting and needing to stay home, especially the elderly. So how do you Stay at Home, and Age in Place Gracefully?

No Place Like Home - Age in Place Gracefully - Move Elders with Ease - Senior Move Managers

Elderly and Coronavirus

Elderly adults are considered some of the most “at-risk” people for COVID. Knowing this can possibly change the decision from moving into an independent living or assisted living community to aging gracefully in their own home.

Here are some Questions to ask yourself about your aging parent(s):

  • Can your mom or dad handle daily tasks? This includes dressing themselves, preparing food, light house-cleaning, and self-care.

  • Does your parent still drive? Are they able to safely maneuver busy roads and highways?

  • How much social interaction does your elder Mom/Dad receive daily?

  • Can Dad/Mom remember to take their medication on time?

  • Is there a safety plan in place for your elderly loved one in case of a fall or injury?

Having help in these areas can ease the minds of your elderly loved one and family members.

Senior couple and child making downsizing plan - Move Elders With Ease

Ways to help the dream of aging in place become a reality for your elderly parent(s):

  • Seek professional assistance from senior move managers and organizers! Really! It’s a thing, and can save you days, possibly weeks, of overwhelming decluttering, sorting, shredding.

  • Rearrange their furniture to accommodate their current abilities. Professionals can help you do this with an eye to your parent(s) needs and safety.

  • Eliminate the clutter! Going through the accumulation of collectibles, clothes, and papers can be a full-time job in and of itself.

Having the assistance of professionals to organize, declutter and create a fresh new furniture arrangement can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Ridding your elderly parent’s home of unneeded clutter can help keep the home simplified, clean and safe for them to live in.

Cleaning the House:

Oftentimes elder adults don’t see the dust and grime that have accumulated over time. Simplifying and cleaning an elderly loved one’s home can make life easier and provide a safer, healthier environment for aging. Should the need arise to have a nurse visit your elderly parent’s home, regular decluttering and cleaning of the residence, at least monthly, may allow Mom/Dad to remain at home instead of being required to move elsewhere.

Plan in Place

Having a well-organized plan of action in place can make Aging In Place Gracefully a reality. Active senior adults may not seem to need help, but this isn't always the case. Some are reluctant to ask their grown children to help for fear of being a burden or nuisance. Many may not even realize that decluttering and organizing assistance is available for hire. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to walk into a clean and uncluttered home as a senior adult struggling to keep up with the stressors of daily life? COVID, Corona, The Virus, whatever you want to call it, has taken a mental toll on our elderly family members. Giving the gift of service may just be the love language to warm your parents’ hearts for years to come.

Ways To Help:

• Downsize/ Declutter/ Organize

• Pack away treasured memories

• Shred Confidential documents

• Modify their furniture arrangement

• Simplify the space

Staying at home while surviving a Pandemic is possible. Elder adults can remain safe, comfortable and healthy while Aging in Place Gracefully.


About the Author

Susan Stanhope - Founder of Move Elders With Ease
Susan Stanhope

Susan Stanhope is the Founder of Move Elders with Ease. She has a passion for seniors and enjoys helping them navigate the, sometimes stressful, downsizing process. She excels at providing emotional support and guidance to seniors and their families during the transition, whether that is merely downsizing to age in place or moving out of their long-standing family home. Her supreme organization skills simplify the senior downsizing process and make it less overwhelming.


Move Elders with Ease has been serving Seniors and their families in the Greater Triangle and Eastern North Carolina areas since 2009. Our compassionate staff, led by Susan Stanhope, eases the transition for seniors and helps you unclutter, pack and relocate. The Move Elders with Ease team of relocation experts has years of experience planning, managing and executing moves and home clean-outs.​ Move Elders with Ease is NASMM A+ Accredited. Our goal is to make your transition easier, and even enjoyable. We can't wait to meet you!


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