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Support Services For Staying In Your Home

Age In Place Gracefully

Whether you are an active senior adult contemplating a move, or an adult child responsible for moving an elder relative to a senior living community, the tasks involved in managing this transition can be overwhelming, time consuming and emotionally draining. Our compassionate staff, lead by Susan Stanhope, will ease the transition and help unclutter, pack and relocate.

Senior Woman Cooking in the Kitchen
Furniture Planning - Move Elders With Ea

Home Modifications 

✔ Furniture placement to enhance safety and comfort
✔ Recommending renovations & exceptional vendors to assist with these renovations

Organizing & Downsizing - Move Elders Wi

Simplifying the Spaces in Your Home

✔ De-cluttering, downsizing, and organizing making the most important items easily accessible  
✔ Packing items that don’t need to be easily accessible, but still kept
✔ Liquidating items to be released

Age in Place Support - Move Elders With

Ongoing Support & Enhancements

✔ Shopping for or with clients for all types of items

✔ Recommending products for ease of aging in place

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